Are You Sometimes Frustrated at

How Easily Some People can make their

Martial Arts Techniques Work,

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 Hello my name is Art Mason. I am a 32 year veteran of martial arts training. Believe me when I tell you that things have not always been easy! My first instructor was a very tall and powerful man, who made everything look EASY. It used to frustrate me that there were just some things I could not get to work. Others we OK, but many techniques just alluded me!

After being with him for 16 years I left to open my own school. We were doing it on a 6 night per week basis and I knew I had to get good, VERY good at what I was doing on the floor! My son's and I started to train in different systems, looking for find ways to make what we did more effective!

The one day I got an invitation to a George Dillman Seminar in London Ontario.

Everything changed. GM Dillman is truly an amazing martial artist and very much a showman. But after all the martial arts is a personality driven business. But the most important thing to me was not the FLASH, but that he showed me some things I could TAKE home, implement and make my techniques more effective! I was SOLD!!

I contacted the seminar host, Grand Master Steve Stewart and asked how I could learn more! He put me in his Novice Study Group and I was HOOKED. I spent the next 10 years under GM Stewart's system, becoming his most qualified student / instructor in Canada (Level 5 Teacher). I pursued pressure point knowledge everywhere I could find it! It was my driving passion!

I ended up organizing this information into 2 Books, as well as dozens of videos and prodects.

I organized the outstanding systems of GM Stewart, made them even more effective by added my own ideas and information to them, and NOW I AM OFFERING IT TO YOU!

Many great martial artist are not as lucky as I was to have access to a teacher like Steve Stewart, and so this information is for YOU. To help the distance learning understand, integrate, test and promote in this amazing system and science known as Kyusho Jitsu!

So now what exactly and I taking about and how much is this gonna cost you?


Would you believe me if I told you that you can get started for NOTHING!


So what do you get??? This is a FREE Kyusho Jitsu Mini Course done via email, with no obligation, nothing you have to buy, just a system that will allow you to begin to use the system of pressure points and integrate it into what you are doing today!

You get.....

  • Free Email Based Course tat covers all the basics to get you started
  • A month of free email access to me with any questions you may have about the content
  • Early information on any Workshops or Seminars coming in the future
  • Access to great video
  • And Much much more!!!

So i know you are ready to get started! Just fill out this simply form below, confirm your email address and you will begin to receive this course! An if you are not totally thrilled with the course, just click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of EVERY Email and you won't hear another word from me!

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Yours in the arts,

Grand Master Art Mason
Founder: Art Mason's Peaceful Warriors' Martial Arts
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Founder: Pressure Point Canada
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