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Holy CRAP!!!!

I can't believe I am giving all this

Information away for FREE!

Kyusho Jitsu Mini Course

Dear Fellow Martial Artist

I know you have seen a lot over the years about the controversial subject of pressure point / Kyusho Jitsu study. There are those who say, like me, that it is the missing link to true success in any martial art. Then there are those who think it is pure crap and a major fraud.

If you are one of those people who think it is crap, I am not sure why you are here, but follow this link!

For those of you who are interesting in taking your martial arts training to a NEW level, please read on!

At last! The Secrets of the Martial Arts Revealed!


Are they really secrets? No, they really are not. But most people don't know them, so they in a way are. The masters of old, the ones so revered today had the knowledge, but these men for the most part kept the real knowledge to themselves, and many could simply not explain it!

So what is Kyusho Jitsu really all about? It is the study of the nervous system of the human body, by means of the ancient ways of meridians (Acupuncture). It is a study in how to attack these points, and also WHY and WHEN to attack these very sensitive parts of the human body.


Now the learning curve is very high. It takes time and study!


But even more important, it can be VERY EXPENSIVE!


By the time myself and my 2 boys had done the basic courses I had already spent about $5000! There are also very few QUALIFIED teachers, who can teach with detailed explanations, and service the student enough to facilitate learning.


The odds are there is not one in your area!


So I created a Course, which is called the Free Kyusho Jitsu Mini Course to fill this need!


Read what our members have to say about this course!

"This is an amazing opportunity for anyone who wants to learn the art of pressure point. It's taught me a lot and you won't be disappointed. Moves if you take the time to learn them, you can apply to real combat. Thanks " LC Collins

"This is an excellent course that offers a great introduction to Kyusho. Master Mason is also eager to answer any questions you may have. I also have enjoyed some of the discounts on products that are offered in the mini-course. I have even asked my black belts to sign up for it too." C Washington

"Dear grand master mason. I've been impressed with your courses last few years and find you a real master in Kyusho jitsu or as the Chinese say dim mak! Your friend in training.... Yogi dan...."Daniel Mcquaigue

"What I like is that it's online, available anywhere, anytime, which with my schedule between work, college, teaching tae kwon do - I need. Thank you so much for your hard work," J. Turnbow



Now what is so awesome about this BESIDES it is free? There is also ZERO obligation to buy anything EVER! Plus you can opt out at anytime!

BUT don't forget to confirm your email address!


You have ZERO RISK!

OK, now on to business!

Fill out your name and email address.

Then go to your email folder and verify the address.


This is ALL THERE IS TO DO! After just read and apply what you are learning!

It's time ACT NOW!



Pressure Point Mini Course Signup!


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